Friday, 2 November 2012

Tues. Oct. 30th 2012

We picked up Pres. and Sis. F. at 5:45 am and drove them to the airport.  This time they go to Madrid for a conference.  Received 6 emails this morning from family and friends telling us all about their experience at the temple dedication etc.  -  it's always a joy to receive emails from home - it is such a boost for our morale!   We're happy to report that Elder R. is on the mend and he felt no need to be going to a doctor.  In fact, he felt so good he wanted pizza.  He's a big young man and hasn't eaten much for about four days, so he was probably ravenous (but pizza!).  Oh well, we let his companion order the pizza and we imagine it went down quite well.  My work day was totally disrupted which makes you feel like you haven't accomplished a thing!  Anyway - Elks came over for something and we had a good visit with them - and - did get a bit of work done at the same time.  We were asked to teach the Temple Preparations lessons to Yannis and he came for his first lesson tonight.  He speaks quite good English and is trying to get into BYU/Idaho university.  The lesson went well and we also learned a lot from him about the history of the regions in and around Greece.  He sure knows his history and it was fascinating.

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