Thursday, 8 November 2012

Wed. Nov. 7th 2012

One of the banes of my life here is changing/canceling and/or (sometimes) booking flights.  That was my first job today.  I began around 9:30.  I tackled the ones on Aegean Airlines and they went smoothly.  Next, I tried to make a booking on Cyprus Airlines - we don't normally use them and I have never had to.  the first try (on-line) went OK until I got to the payment page.  Upon trying to submit the payment, I got a message that the booking was made but could not be completed and I should call the help number.  They told me that the credit card was blocked - and could I use another credit card.  Then President gave me his own personal card to use.  I tried a second time with President's card - same result - the card was blocked, but she did say I hadn't filled in the security information (I knew I had) and they suggested I call our bank.   However, I tried a third time, looking to see if there was any spot that I didn't fill in - so I carefully went through the process and then stopped at the payment page and call them and we "walked through that" together.  It still didn't work and told me again to check with our bank!!!   I called President and he said to call finance at the Area Office Germany.  That person wasn't there so I left a message and waited!!  An hour and a half later I couldn't wait any longer and called again and did get the girl.  She checked both credit cards and found that they were active and had not been maxed out - she said the problem is with the vendor (airlines).  We tried calling the airlines on a 3-way call as she was going to give them her own credit card numbers to make the booking.  We got the airline and began the process again, but before we reached the payment page, she told us the the flight had been booked now and we needed to go to one of their offices before Friday and pay for it!!  that they couldn't take credit card information over the phone!!!  That was the first time we heard that!  I don't think President will be flying with that company again any time soon.  The Elks came over again specifically to help Brent with the finances - there were a lot of errors made in the books a long time before Brent had anything to do with them and they have continued to carry through until now.  So, with the expertise that Elder Elks has in that area, they are gradually getting the books as they should be.  Sis. Elks and I had a great time cleaning out a cupboard which resulted in a lot shredding of outdated materials. The storage cupboards are at the overflow point and it is hard to find anything, so a good clean out will make things much better.  Elks stayed with us for supper and that was followed by the usual happy gab-fest.


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