Friday, 28 December 2012

Fri. Dec. 14th 2012

The Colliers arrived from Thessaloniki late last night to stay with us.  Today is Greece Zone Conference.  We were supposed to hold it at the Acropoli building, but the road is being dug up out the front of that building and as a result there is no electricity there.  Our assignment toward the food was to bring 32 baked potatoes - and we did - a nice easy assignment for once!  When we got to Halandri, we found it freezing - the heat had not been turned on and it took at least an hour before it was comfortable.  The meetings were really very good and the lunch was excellent - especially the potatoes!!! 😄   The Colliers had brought two elders down with them and so we had eight for supper.  We were all tired, so we ordered in slouvaki "sticks" and they were great - (hardly any clean-up to do!)

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