Friday, 28 December 2012

Fri. Dec. 21st 2012

Auntie Kay's birthday - wish we were there!  Brent had to make six trips from the car to the house today with all the packages of Christmas mail!!  Pres. F. withdrew money from the ATM and some of it turned out to be counterfeit!!   He went back to the bank and after a bit of arguing they replaced it - BUT - upon checking his balance, he saw that he had been debited twice for the same transaction!  He had drawn out the full amount that was allowed per day - so you know the machine wouldn't give the money twice in a day!   He told the girl what had happened and asked her to correct it and she said, Oh! we can't help you.  You have to contact your bank in America for that!!!  Our landlady said that that was not correct - that the bank here is supposed to contact the U.S. bank about it!!  We drove Pres. & Sis. F. to the airport.  They are doing their Christmas activities with the missionaries there a bit early.  On the way home we went in to Ikea and purchased a very large pot - we seem to be needing a bigger pot more often with all the food we have been providing.  Next stop was the deli - they really have better meat than the super markets - so we ordered a turkey breast and some chicken breasts for our dinner on Dec. 24th. and a bunch more chicken breast for the dinner on Christmas Day.  Meanwhile Brent gets a call from the Maintenance supervisor to meet a repairman at the Mission Home who is coming to fix the pump on the boiler - 2 hours later, Brent comes in with the report that this guy doesn't know how to fix it, and has gone home!  So it was back to the supervisor and he will have another guy over there some time tomorrow!!!   Only in Greece!

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