Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Mon. Dec. 3rd 2012

First thing this morning an oil delivery truck arrived at the mission home and subsequently came here after the men filled the fuel tanks with oil.  We have hot-water heating here which is heated by an oil-run furnace.  The tanks get topped up now and hopefully that lasts until around mid-April when we should no longer need heating.  The process of filling the tanks is very smelly and I ended up with a head-ache!!  Small price to pay for heating though.  That little operation cost 7,000+ €    Since it was Prep. Day and Brent had to go to the bank anyway, I got a bit of "Christmas" shopping done in the way of decorations and lights and a few fun things to use here.  The rest of the day was "clean up and catch up"on personal stuff.  After supper, Pres. F. turns up with a wonderful custard dessert that Sis. F. over to help "Elder C." feel better.  They are so sweet.

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