Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Sat. Dec. 1st 2012

We did our grocery shopping and shortly after that Pres. & Sis. F. picked us up (about 10:15 am) to go to the RS activity at Halandri.  Two other people brought soup and others brought bread, squares, salads, etc.  Our special guests were a group of mentally challenges ladies from a home that our Humanitarian missionaries' efforts have been focused on during the past year.  The program was made up of several violin presentations and our guests had prepared some songs and a Greek dance.  Their presentation went very well and they were so excited to share it with us.  Our ladies had made some fabric carry bags, decorated with crocheted flowers for them.  It was so fun to see their excitement as they opened their gift and it made you feel quite humble and grateful that we could make them so happy.  It brought huge smiles from them - even from a couple of them who previously had not smiled or interacted at all.   After that, we ate lunch and the food was a great success and we didn't run out, which had been feared.  The guests left and then we watched the General Relief Society Broadcast.  Following that, the Sr. Couples sisters met to plan the food for the Christmas/New Year week.  There is so much scheduled to take place, that we don't know how we are going to be able to get all the food prepared - unless we miss some of the events!!  That won't happen because of the distances involved in getting to the Acropoli building.  None of the sister drive here, so we have to go when the men go.  I guess it will all work out!  after that meeting, there was a baptism and that took us up to around 5:30 before we could leave.  We had left the chapel and got a call to say that nobody there had keys to lock up - so we went back and Brent ran in to fix that.  Luckily there were two young elders there because, as Brent was on his way back to the car, he had one of hose vertigo events and was caught by the elders before he hit the floor.  President went in and by that time Brent had recovered his balance somewhat, but President said he was in a cold sweat, nauseous, and felt like he had a bit of a fever!!!  Brent didn't feel good when he got home and went to lay down.  Later, he got up and looked up vertigo on the internet and the symptoms were exactly as he had experienced, so he felt better about things.  He has had it before, though not as intense, but knows how it feels and how long it takes to recover.

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