Friday, 28 December 2012

Sat. Dec. 22nd 2012

Cold & raining - miserable today.  I CAN'T BELIEVE IT !!!  I have now lost TWO schedules of the planned events for the Christmas/New Years week, with my added notes all over them and the second schedule had the Curry Chicken recipe on it.  There are just not many places they could be and we had looked and looked - it was sooo frustrating!  As we were about to go grocery shopping, I got Sis. Elks up early (I think) so we could buy our food right away.  The store was really busy and it took us longer to do it.  The guys that are fixing (or trying to fix) the pump at the Mission Home arrived about 11 am so Brent went over then.  Unlike the first guy, these guys were electricians.  They checked wires and changed  a few things and the pump still didn't work - so they left!!!  This afternoon some more guys came and once again, Brent went over and they obviously knew what they were doing as they had it working in no time - I don't know what the problem was.  It was the Halandri Branch Christmas party tonight.  Wonder of wonders - the overhead heaters had been repaired and we were reasonably comfortable.  I had made Mars Bar Squares to take, but I got the measurements wrong for the base - I put in twice a much Krispies and so it didn't hold together - the Elders thought they were just fine!!! but I left them home anyway and picked up some cookies from the deli on the way.  As the food was being put out, to my surprise, there were my crumbly Mars Bar squares!!!  - the Elders had brought them!!  The rest of the food was great - everyone had  brought something so the variety was amazing.

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