Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sat. Dec. 8th 2012

Very cool this morning and it looks like we will get rain.  Brent took President's car down to be washed and cleaned - getting ready for the Area President's visit next week.  As he was doing that, we lost power here in our building!!  Here I was sitting in the semi-dark with backup systems beeping away, waiting, non-too-patiently, for Brent to return.  Once he returned, he was soon able to determine that there was a ground fault connected to the hot water system.  So, that then allowed us to have lights, computers and most everything but hot water which made me feel much better.  Then we reported the problem to the Area PFR and he said he wouldn't be able to get any of his guys out here until Monday and that we should try the landlady as she might be able to get her guys on the job sooner!   She was in the same boat - so we are waiting for Monday!  Later, we went to the airport and got President who came back from Thessaloniki.  Brent made potato pancakes with shredded potatoes for supper.

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