Saturday, 29 December 2012

Sun. Dec. 23rd 2012

Still windy and cold, but not raining.  We had a special Christmas program at Church today - it was really nice.  The Primary children sang three songs for us and then four of them played some carols on the piano and we had some short talks.  We had fun sorting out transportation for the Thessaloniki missionaries who were to come down today- we thought they'd be here by 5:00 or 6:00 pm,  but they didn't arrive until much later.  There were two to pick up from the train at 9:00 pm and the Colliers were driving and their arrival time was also 9:00 pm and we had to be here to let them in!!  After a few phone calls, we got Maxwells and they agreed to pick up the ones from the train - they are so sweet to help.  We made a big shepherds pie for our supper and I made two 9x13 Chocolate cakes for the dinner on Tuesday (couldn't find a slot closer to the day that I could do that!).  After supper with the Colliers and the missionaries that were here, we took the Colliers over to the Mission Home as per Pres. F. instructions (He is still in Cyprus, due to arrive back here tomorrow morning).  Pres. wanted them to stay with them over Christmas as they will be going home Jan. 9th - this way they can have a nice visit before they go.

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