Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sun. Dec. 9th 2012

Well!  I refused to have a cold shower!!!  So, I boiled water in the kitchen and washed my hair in the sink there - then I filled a glass jug with warm water and took that to the bathroom to have a warm wash.  As I was halfway through doing that, somehow the jug slipped into the bowl of the sink and tons of glass bits and water went flying everywhere!!!  Oh well!  I tried!   Pres. F. had to fly to Frankfurt for the day, so we picked up Sis. F. and took her to meetings with us  It was pot-luck at Church today, so that took care of one of our meals, however, we did make chicken soup with rice noodles for supper,and the Assts. joined us for that.  They are so nice.  Yanni spoke at Church today - he leaves for the States tomorrow and will be met by Andros' - after Christmas he will attend BYU-Idaho for more schooling - I think he will do very well.  His talk today was excellent - we are going to miss him.  At about 8:30 pm Sis. F. called to Pres. had been delayed by a big winter storm in the Frankfurt area - there is 4 in. of snow on the runway and services are in disarray.  The plane that he was supposed to fly back here on was still sitting on the ground in Thessaloniki, Greece, waiting for clearance to go to Frankfurt!!!   Had things been normal, Pres. F. should have been landing in Greece an hour and 20 minutes from the time Sis. F. called!

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