Friday, 28 December 2012

Thurs. Dec. 13th 2012

A REALLY cold morning!!  OK!  not so cold relatively compared to home, but we don't have effective heating and the homes are not insulated here - so! for me, it was cold.  We have a grandstand view of the renovations going on opposite us and it's hard to ignore.  Brent continues to "murmur" about their procedures and marvel how little they have accomplished in the time they've been at it.  It appears that the cement that they poured recently was not up to standard and they are now re-pouring a section of it!!!  Pres. Freestone phone with an emergency request for the legal document, regarding proselyting procedures that our missionaries must follow.  Our Area leaders apparently were not familiar with these procedures and wondered why our missionaries were not contacting on Sundays and holidays.  Fortunately, last August, we had submitted this document to the Area Legal Dept. for up-dating and found that what we had was still valid.  In any case the Area President will be reviewing it and interpret more exactly what it means for our missionaries and what they can do.

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