Friday, 28 December 2012

Thurs. Dec. 20th 2012

President F. was over here at 7:30 am this morning!!  He had to pick up the sisters - one of which was going to Cyprus - so he could get help entering their address in the GPS (they have a new apartment).  A bit later, Brent had to go over to the Mission Home to let in a maintenance man to see why the boiler won't stay on.  We had Sister A.  stay here with us until the sister who was coming from Cyprus to be with her arrived.  Sister A. is a super sister and she did tons of shredding for me.  The two elders from Pireas who borrowed the Assts' car returned it and they stayed for lunch too.  The Elks arrived back from Cyprus and brought the Cyprus sister here and Pres. F. was going to drive the sisters to their apartment, but Brent offered to do it for him as Pres. leaves for Cyprus tomorrow and could use the time.  Brent had so much to do and ran out of time, so he ordered a cab and gave them the fare to get home - the Metro is still on strike!

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