Saturday, 29 December 2012

Thurs. Dec. 27th 2012

Sort of back to normal for work today - but there is so much piled up, of course we didn't get it all done!!  Pres. F. had a couple of meetings here this morning and then he had to go to the U.S. Embassy to get more pages put in his passport - I guess it was all filled up.  One of my tasks today was to make bookings at a hotel in Thessaloniki.  First, I emailed them and strangely it came back right away with the message "Rejected - not opened"  -  I have never seen that before.  So, in light of how our computer system misbehaves, I thought that it might be the computer's problem and I tried it again.  Same result!  Then I called the hotel itself and when the fellow learned that I wanted a booking in January, he just flatly said  "No more bookings!  After Dec. 31st we are closed!!"  I expect we will have a rash of businesses closing as of the 31st.   It is really sad - you wonder how long Greece can last at this rate.

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