Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Tues. Dec. 11th 2012

Mail Day - not as many packages today.  There was a Mission Presidency meeting here this morning and Elder Elks is actually Pres. Elks, 1st Counsellor (as well as being a Patriarch) - so Sis. Elks came along with him.  She and I set to and made a big pot of soup and then reorganized a couple of cupboards - it doesn't take long before they become disorganized again - especially when the elders go searching for materials!!  Around lunch time, the water heater guys came to fix our problem and,joy of joys! - we have hot water again!  😁    Pres. & Sis. F. have so much going on!  -  tomorrow they fly to Cyprus to start the Mission Tour with Area President Teixeira.  They have been working so hard to get everything right that they have just about worn themselves out!!   We were supposed to sit in on a meeting that the Assts. had scheduled with Harry -  but he had been left with his little daughter, Maria, and he stopped by with her to apologize.  They just visited for a little while and Brent & I organized some coloring pages for Maria to color - she colors really well for a 4 yr-old.  They weren't here long and Harry's wife called that she was "home now"  - so that ended the visit.

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