Saturday, 8 December 2012

Wed. Dec. 5th 2012

Our RS President was involved in a car accident!  Fortunately she was not seriously hurt, but the car is heavily damaged and her nerves are totally rattled!  A truck ran a stop sign and she couldn't avoid colliding with it.  It is not very surprising, as they run stop signs and stop lights all the time here and the police do nothing about it.  It reminded us of Brent's accident last April  -  you never quite get rid of that anxiousness when driving, and that accident still hasn't been resolved yet.   We drove Pres. F. to the airport and did a bit of Christmas shopping on the way home - purchased a tree-top decoration for our tree in the office - now it looks very elegant!!  I also found some Vegemite - Yum!  The Assts. are handing out a form for everybody to fill in as part of Christmas activities.  It is loaded with boxes and each box has a missionary's name in it and we are to enter a short sentence saying something nice about him/her.  I struggled for a while doing that and it takes a lot longer to do than one would realize - I hope I get mine done before Christmas this year!!!

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