Monday, 3 December 2012

Wed. Nov. 28th 2012

President Freestone flew over to Crete today alone to visit with some members.  Sis. Freestone called from the Mission Home to tell us that their landline phone is not working.  Brent and I went over and finally Brent found that the connector box outside had somehow become wet.  So he took a hair-dryer to it and before long the phones were working again.  Amongst my regular jobs, I have started to update the catalogue and the office manual.  It'll probably take me until the new office couple arrive so I hope I can have it ready by then.  President had a rough take-off coming back from Crete.  The wind was howling and they were sitting in the plane at the end of the runway with engines roaring and foot on the brake, waiting to take off between gusts.  They finally managed it, but the plane was going from side to side down the runway and even after it got into the air.  He said it was pretty scary!

The Gardenia bush has begun flowering again.  We took this photo before the rain ruined its petals.

IMG 1329

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