Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fri. Jan. 17th 2013

It’s raining again, but not so hard this time – it sure is dreary though!  Karen Skyped in response to my email for help regarding a “Word” document on which I had lost some of the text that I had entered!!   I actually had multiple copies of that document and I just couldn’t find the one that I had been working on.  So now, after deleting all the “wrong” ones, I should be OK!!  It was nice to have her moral support and a good visit as well.   I continued to work on up-grading the office manual.  It’s taking a long time – I hope I can get it done before the new office couple take over.  We haven’t received any notification of anyone coming to serve in that position yet!  We had a great experience tonight.  An Elder Peterson, serving in Albania had contacted our Assts. to see if they would do a Baptismal interview for a young Greek person – since the little guy only spoke Greek and they had been trying to do the interview with his mother translating.  The problem was that the Mom seemed to be telling her son a lot more than just asking the question and fielding the answer!!  So Elders Wilderspin and Jensen did the interview on Skype and we got to listen.  It was pretty cute, but in the end the little guy (age 8-1/2)  decided, he would rather wait until he comes back to Greek because he can’t understand anyone there in Albania.

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