Sunday, 27 January 2013

Fri. Jan. 25th 2013

President, Sis. F. and the Assist. Went to Cyprus this morning.  I worked most of the day on the Young Women lesson to teach Caitee on Sunday.The tec. guys called to fix the Assistant’s computer.  It would have been better if they had been here, but we tried to help the best we could.  There was some problem with the Assists' “Common Files”  -  as they were working on them they would sometimes disappear – and when they went to open them, sometimes they couldn’t – but they’d be there the rest of the time!!  They do a lot of figures and the problem is a great inconvenience.  Anyway, the tec. guy can’t fix it until they get back from Cyprus – it sounds like they think it has something to do with the firewall.  President ordered some whistles for the missionaries to carry for safety.  Brent’s not impressed with these new ones – they are not loud like his whistle it – they are a higher pitch, but ARE very shrill though.

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