Sunday, 6 January 2013

Fri. Jan. 4th 2013

It took Brent three trip from the car to the house to bring in all the mail today!!!  I thought all the parcel traffic was over for now!!  Pres. was over here this morning and one job he gave me was to book three flights for the Assts.  That took an hour and a half (with a few interruptions) because, during the off-season the airlines will let you book on-line right up to the "Book Now" place and then you have to call in and they can bring up the booking that you started and then they proceed to go over everything that I entered, with a few breaks while she goes and checks different things.  All this, because we have a U.S. credit card.  So after they check with "the bank" they tell you that it's OK and they email you the e-ticket!  It's so frustrating to have a 20 minute job take that long - especially, when in the summer, none of this happens, you just fly through the whole process completely on-line!!  We don't know what's going on with the traffic - we went to the stationery store this afternoon and it was so bad!!

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