Sunday, 6 January 2013

Mon. Dec. 31st 2012

Brent went to the post office and retrieved yet again, more parcels for the missionaries!  He picked up bread on the way home and he said the everything is really busy and the traffic is awful.  The Assts. went to the airport to pick up Elder Jensen.  Because of missionaries going home, there has been a mini-transfer of sorts and Elder Jensen came over from Cyprus to be a new Asst. replacing Elder Rahal who is now replacing the missionary that went home.  With Colliers arriving early afternoon - we made a big pot of hamburger vegetable soup -  we threw in the mashed potatoes and carrot leftovers from yesterday and it did the trick - it tasted yummy!  Colliers arrived at 1:00 pm and Elks were supposed to arrive at 2:00 pm, but they were 40 minutes late because the traffic was insane! (it was worse than Christmas - New Years is a really big deal for the Greeks). It was Prep. Day so  Colliers, Elks and Brent & I watched "Mobsters and Mormons" - it was hilarious.  Later Brent & I and the Colliers were invited to the Mission Home to have dinner and meet the Mawlams (the people replacing the Colliers in Thess. who just arrived this afternoon).  Supper and the company was excellent.  Just after that, the sisters who were going home the next morning arrived and needed help with their suitcases - some were overweight and one had a steel rod sticking out of it that had to be cut off.  Elder Clark to the rescue again - all in a day's work!!  The elder returning home went with Elder Rahal to see Harry and tell him goodbye - they came back with a present of a 19L. can of fresh olive oil - we were astounded!  It has a very different taste - it has a bit of a bite to it and is actually olive green in color.

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