Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Mon. Jan 21st 2013

A beautiful day – got up to 18C.   Worked on getting President’s March flights booked.  It is such a pain as you can do it online only so far in the winter and then you have to call in and finish it with the airlines’ people – all because our credit card is issued from the U.S!!!  We really don’t know why it only happens that way in the winter – we suspect that in the tourist months they don’t have time to check all the credit cards!!   Anyway, that takes a big chunk out of one’s day and I resent that as it doesn't seem to me to make much sense - being that part of year they do it and part, they do not!  Being Prep Day, the Assts. Were here to do their letters – all the missionaries do their letters on Mondays – they have to go to an internet café or someplace where they can use someone’s computer – the Assts. Are lucky because this is their “home base.”  They were given some Spring rolls and a noodle dish from Dolly (one of our Filipino ladies)  and they shared it with us for lunch. 😛

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