Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mon. Jan. 7th 2013

The sun is shining brightly today - but it is cold.  We received another email from yet another person - this time, from Germany - regarding my broken monitor.  It was an inventory form requesting details of all computers and monitors in our office "to see if more than the one monitor needs to be replaced"  and continues - "as soon as I get the forma back, I can order the monitors."  I wonder what they would have done if there were no other monitors that I could use in the office - I took the Assistant's and so now they don't have one.  I went to the drug store to get one of my prescriptions filled and was told they didn't have any because the suppliers are holding back on deliveries until a price increase has been settled!! and I am to check back on Wednesday.  Just as well I keep a few packs on hand for such emergencies.  We went to the "Super Theta" store (carries international brands) to get some A&W root beer as we have been invited  to the MH for supper with the Colliers (who go home on Wednesday) - we wanted to treat them all.  Sis. F. thought we were joking when I told her we would bring some.  Brent talked to Ethel about the renewal of our residency situation and she told him that we need to go (with passports and our bank statement showing that we had the 48,000 euros when we arrived here) to KEP (residency permit place) on Jan. 17th and meet her there.  The supper at the MH was great and we played dominos after - a game called "Train Wreck."

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