Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sat. Dec. 29th 2012

Boo Hoo!!  It's pouring rain and the missionaries were hoping to go out to Harry's property and help him with his olive harvest, but that is off.  The missionaries are really disappointed!  When we did our shopping this morning, we used the underground parking - never bothered to use it before this, but it worked famously - much better than getting wet!!  I had been trying to book a hotel in Thessaloniki for the new couple coming on Monday.  The one that we use is closing and the Colliers came up with the bright idea that the Mawlams could stay temporarily in the vacant sister's apartment for the six days before the Colliers leave - so that works really well.  Elks stopped by to pick up his replacement eye-glasses that his kids had sent over to use so he can get his other pair fixed - as always we had a great visit with them.

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