Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sat. Jan. 5th 2013

It was one of those funny days - everything I tried to do - I hit road blocks.  One huge one was when my monitor quit.  It had been flickering for about a week and now it quit altogether!  We tried another monitor on my computer and it worked fine - so my monitor is broken.  We told Pres. F. and suggested that we go an buy one, but he told us to check with our Area PFR first.  We contacted him and he said he had to forwarded our request to Church's ICS dept. and they would advise us as to how to proceed.  So here it is Sat. and it's only just starting the weekend in Salt Lake, so we probably won't get any response until Monday!!!  Fortunately, we were able to borrow the monitor from the Assts. computer so I am still able to do my work, but the Assts. don't have theirs.  I got some of the orders done, but am hung up with the "On-line Store" one as I want it to go to an address different to the billing address.  I'll try contacting them on Monday.  The Elks came by with new bedding for the downstairs apartment 😊    The Assts. are doing a deep clean down their and it will be really nice to have the new bedding to replace the old smelly bedding.  It's looking a lot better.

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