Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sun. Dec. 30th 2012

It is STILL RAINING!!!  HARD!  We have never seen rain this heavy and the run-off is making driving very difficult.  Even the Greeks are surprised that it is continuing this long.  Again, there were only a few at meetings today.  Christmas/New Years is a great family time for Greeks - even Church attendance takes second place!!  The two elders from Thessaloniki are still staying here.  They never get a chance up there to do "exchanges" with other elders because they are the only elders up there, so they are spending the week down here and going on exchanges with different elders in this Zone.It's nice to do this as they learn different things from the different elders.  Anyway, they stay in the downstairs apartment with the Assts., so we have four elders to feed for the duration.  They were so excited to have pork roast today.  They went down to Acropoli as it was supposed to be the traditional Mars Hill testimony meeting for the leaving missionaries - we thought that the rain would prevent it, but down there, it had all cleared and they went ahead with it as planned.  We made custard dessert for them and they enjoyed that when they came back.

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