Thursday, 10 January 2013

Thurs. Jan. 10th 2013

President & Sis. F. were over here early to pick up the Assistants - they are all going to Thessaloniki, then Cyprus, then back here on Monday.  They left at 7:00 am.  About 7:20, the phone rang - Elder W. had forgotten his passport!!! and they were headed back here to get it - AND - Pres. decided that having to do that would not leave him enough time to park in the "long-term" parking and get to the check-in on time - so Brent went with them and brought the car back here.  It was a nice sunny day - but cold and windy!  We are playing catch-up in the office today.  It's the first day in ages that nobody has been around, so it's nice and quiet.  This afternoon we went looking for a new hairdresser - one that Frosts recommended.  I think I said in a blog last month that our old guy was packing up shop and going back to the UK as they were losing so much money here.  Eventually, we found the new place and it is in a ritzy area.  We asked right off about the prices and found that they were about double what we had been paying, but they do speak English and I'll likely only need three more visits to the hairdresser before I go home, so we decided to go with it.  (Their prices are only a little higher than Canada)  I sat in the chair to have my hair washed and I knew immediately why it costs more.  You sit down and put your head back into a "padded neck-slot" (my words) and you begin to feel the rest of the chair moving - little "balls" gently moving up and down, massaging your back - and the shampoo girl didn't hurry but spent a bit more time washing your hair and massaging your scalp.  I could get used to that!!  I'll definitely go back there.

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