Saturday, 19 January 2013

Thurs. Jan. 17th 2013

We went to KEP - the residency permit office - in response to their asking us to come and renew our residency for another year.  Ethel (lawyer) was concerned that they would insist that we show that we had 48,000 euros in our bank a/c.  So, we met Ethel there and she basically did everything.  All we did was give her our passports, residency blue papers and sign papers there.  In the end, we find that Ethel has somehow managed to get them to extend our papers to cover us until we leave - we just have to go back next Wednesday with our passports etc. plus a photo each.  We didn't have to beef up our bank balance or anything, so we are very grateful.  We called President as soon as we got back to the office with the good news and about a half hour later, President arrives with cupcakes from Sis. F. to help us celebrate!!!  She is a sweetie.

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