Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tues. Jan. 15th 2013

Today is the Specialized Training meeting.  President had to go early, so we drove Sis. F.  The training was centered around ways to improve or make more effective  "finding" and goals to help the Church progress in Greece.  We have been quite static over the past couple of years, so we are trying to move effectiveness up a notch.  The presentations were really good including a little video called "Butterfly Circus."   Around bedtime, Brent spent about 20 minutes outside in the cold trying to make himself heard so he could get back in!  He'd just stepped out to check the level in the fuel tank and had accidentally locked himself out.  He finally got the missionaries downstairs to hear him and then they were able to reach the window in our rooms!!  We had a good ho! ho! about that.

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