Sunday, 6 January 2013

Tues. Jan. 1st 2013

New Year's Day!  Wheee!    We received a call from President F. at 6:15 am!!!  He had already take the sisters returning home to the airport and called to tell us to have the "returning" elder be ready to leave by 6:45 in stead of 7:00 am as the traffic was horrendous - he figures it was because all the Greeks were heading home at that hour after the New Year's Eve celebrations!  It was sad to see him go - he's a great young man and we all love him.  Later there was a trip planned to go to Delphi  for those that wanted to go - they were supposed to meet at the Mission Home at 8:15 for that.  That even got delayed because Pres. F. couldn't get back from the airport by that time!   We opted not to go as we had been there in the summer.  We played "catch-up" in the office and after lunch the Mawlams came over to do their "New Missionary Check List" for me and that turned into a great visit with them.  They have a lot of Church experience - he has worked for the Church and has also been a Stake President -  just the kind of people needed in Thessaloniki right now.  We asked them to stay and eat with us and when the Colliers returned from Delphi we ordered Slouvaki sticks and gyros and had a fun time eating and talking about Thessaloniki, so they had a very productive visit.

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