Saturday, 19 January 2013

Wed. Jan. 16th 2013

We have thunder/lightning and pouring rain today!!!  It gets sooo dark - it's like dusk instead of daylight.  We received a packet in our mail box at the post office yesterday with no address on it.  It was mailed in China and the return address was very clear and had a phone number on it.  We took it to our meeting and asked everybody there, but no one knew anything about it so we opened it and found a large card with  a Greek name on the outside in a plastic envelope together with a small gift wrapped box.  We called the phone number and were pleasantly surprised that the person spoke English so well.  The sender's name was Suzie and Brent asked to speak with her, but she was not there but they gave us her cell phone number.  Brent called that number and got her and she also spoke English quite well - however, it took a couple of tries to get her to understand that we were calling about her package with no address on it and that if she would give us the address we would send the package on.  So she asked us to email her so she could read our email address and thereby send to us the much needed address for the package.  Mission accomplished!   Another bizarre thing - We received a call from DHL saying they had a package to deliver and it said "tags" on it and they wanted to know what that was.  We explained that they were the badges that our missionaries wear on their jackets.  He said that the value was 73 euros (which was about right) and asked if we had a broker (we didn't) and he went on to explain that the broker cost would be 101 euros and taxes etc. would be 150 euros!!!  Total - 251 euros!  and followed that information with the question - "Do you want them delivered?"   We told them to return them to the sender!  We order tags from the BYU Bookstore MTC branch and I'll call them tomorrow and let them know what we've done and asked them to send them ordinary mail.

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