Sunday, 27 January 2013

Wed. Jan. 23rd 2013

Went down to the residency office this morning.  We parked at the Eko garage (about 6 blocks away because parking is impossible on the street) and walked to the office.  We just gave them our passports and expired residency paper and a photo and they put everything together and within half an hour we were out of there – it was great knowing that we were “legal” again.  Went to the deli on the way home and  purchased some interesting edible – it turned out to be a pickled caper flower bud.  It looked like an odd shaped olive with a long stem and it tasted somewhat like an olive!!   The monitors that were ordered as a result of my monitor “dying” came today.  The are a little bit wider (which is nice).  Another nice day, but a bit cooler – 16C.  Elks cam by to deliver new bedding for the missionaries’ apartment downstairs and, of course, we had to have a little visit. That downstairs apartment hasn't really been up-graded for a couple of years and pillows were missing and they were short of sheets, blankets and duvets.  Some stuff had to be thrown out it was in such poor condition and with another batch of new missionaries coming on the 29th, it will be nice to have it looking better.

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