Sunday, 3 February 2013

Fri. Feb. 1st 2013

What a crazy start to our day.  First I managed to drop a very small make-up brush down the sink drain!!!  Thankfully, with Brent’s help by taking the drain apart, I have it back – that’s all we need is to have a plugged drain.  Then, when I came down to the office, I found the lap-top wasn’t charging.  By that time Brent had gone to the post office and he was late getting back from there because they had no electricity!!  -  so they were lined up waiting to get in.  In the meantime, I was trying everything I could think of to fix my problem.  I tried the plug in different receptacles in the power bar, but none worked, so I reasoned that my cable was broken and then I started worrying about where I could buy one in Athens – but, no worries, Brent arrived and discovered that the one half of the power bar was not working!!!  (It's actually a back-up unit for when our power goes off).  He found another place to plug my lap-top into and - problem solved and I was happy again!!    We received a call from the distribution center about the wrong shipments of the Books of Mormon.  They apologized profusely and said they had shipped the right order today and the French books would be picked up by a different carrier.

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