Sunday, 10 February 2013

Fri. Feb. 8th 2013

Brent went for the mail and hurried back because we had to drive Pres. & Sis. F. to the airport.  We hurried back as Brent had to check in with the doctor about his results and they all turned out well – no real problems.   Brent was supposed to go over to the Mission Home to let Dimitris and an electrician in to hook up the new pump, (it is supposed to circulate the hot water) but phoned to say the electrician couldn’t do it until next Friday!   The Elks stopped by to get the key to the Mission Home as they needed to get a couple of desks out of storage.  When they came back we shared wraps for lunch.  They didn’t stay very long and we got back to “the drawing board” as they say.  Aegean Airlines had a 30% off special on international flights, so that generated a long list of bookings that President F. wanted me to do – meanwhile, I’m still struggling to find extra time to complete the office manual.  Oh! well.

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