Sunday, 10 February 2013

Mon. Feb. 4th 2013

The Assts. were out early this morning as they had to get the van ready for a trip to Corinth.  In the end three vehicles went because so many wanted to go.  We didn’t go and had a terrific day catching up on stuff.  We also went to the bank and the money (church) that was transferred here on the 23rd January finally came.  Apparently, when it was sent originally, it had the wrong a/c # on it and it went back, so after another try, we have it.  Even so, it took us about an hour there waiting for them to fill out forms and have different people sign them and phone calls to authenticate the transfer and so on and so on.  Totally unreal!  We also went to the wonderful bakery Beneth (pronounced ) venetey.  We purchased a cake as we are supposed to have Harry coming over and we went over to the international store looking for pearl onions for a vegetable dish that we are supposed to fix for a couple’s meeting tomorrow night.  I worked on up-dating the office manual most of the rest of the day.

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