Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sat. Feb. 16th 2013

Up and out to do grocery shopping early.   Both Brent and I worked on our talks for tomorrow.  However, Brent took time off to get his hair cut!  The Assts. went to an exchange so they won’t be back until tomorrow.  Sis. F. called  - she wanted to make a banana cake for Pres. and she grabbed a box of cake mix and did it  -  but  -  the box was not white cake mix – it was lemon cake mix and she tells us that lemon and banana do not go well together!!  So Brent  unknown to Sis. F., went to the deli and found her a white cake mix and dropped it off to her – she was very grateful.  So, later, she came over with samples saying that she was sooo disappointed – the cake had come out of the oven just fine, but as it sat it went flatter and flatter and denser.  She feels that it is not good, but we ate it and it is great – I think it just needs to be called squares – that’s all, because they were delicious.

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