Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sat. Feb. 2nd 2013

Ground Hog Day!  We’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to get the result of what happens at home until tomorrow – because their tomorrow doesn’t start until our 6:30 pm our time!  A lovely sunny day – cool thought.  We sure have been noticing that there are more birds around singing different songs -  songs that we haven’t heard since last year.  There are some really pretty  songs.   President came over to meet with the Assts.  We pressed on with our month-end tasks.   The Assts. gave me a phone list to revamp with many changes on it because of the transfers – not only missionary changes, but also they created a new district!  All this is on Excel which I hate working with – so, instead of making food for lunch, I persuaded them to bring in pizza.  They did ☺   Ground Hog didn’t see his shadow –  so, the saying is that we’ll have an early spring!!!

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