Monday, 11 February 2013

Sun. Feb. 10th 2013

It was an absolutely gorgeous day!  It got up to 16C. and for most of the day there were no clouds – it really felt like spring.  Church was good.  It was pot-luck today and we took Shepherd’s Pie.  Yesterday, down around Kifissia center there were a couple of hundred police and riot police etc.  Apparently the Prime Minister lives in the area and they may have been there just for his protection, or maybe he had an
important visitor there.    Later, I was running to answer a call, I tripped and fell – it looks like I have cracked a rib!  It is really sore.  We drove to the airport and got Pres. & Sis. F.   There were all kinds of Papas around – 12 on their flight alone and a few in the waiting area (they are the Greek Orthodox priests).  Maybe they do transfers just like us!!!

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