Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sun. Feb. 3rd 2013

President went to Acropoli, so he was over early to change cars.  It was Fast Sunday and the testimonies were really nice.  The Assts. had an investigator come today – so they were happy.  Just after Sacrament meeting, Sis. Frost came to me saying that Julianna hadn’t come and wondered if I could teach Caitee again!  I kind of went over the lesson and felt that because it was Caitee (she is wonderful to teach) I could wing it.  It was about the “Gifts of the Spirit” and went along fairly smoothly and we had a good learning time together.  We made “Emily’s Chicken” for dinner.  It was a lovely day – got up to +19C. – but it was REALLY windy.  I guessed that that would blow in some bad weather and when I looked on the net, sure enough, we’re supposed to get rain tomorrow!

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