Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sun. Jan. 27th 2013

Yet another cloudy, cold miserable day with a few showers!  I went to Church all prepped up to teach Caitee in YWs.  Just remember, there are only 6 kids in the Branch and last week, Caitee and Tyler graduated from Primary – so!  There is only one YW and one YM – in other words, just Caitee and me!  I invited Sis. Elks to come and join us, which was a good thing.  Having been a seminary and institute teacher for many years, she added some zing to the lesson and it went quite well I thought.  The lesson was on “What are the roles of the Holy Ghost.”  We also took a bunch of canned fruit and vegetables as they are collecting such for the orphanage that our humanitarian focus has been on.   I haven’t said much about wild dogs here – there are LOTS of them – I’ve only known about one incident before today where people hurried away from them – it was when three missionaries got up early in the morning to see the sunrise on top of Pentelis Mountain (just back of us) and they encountered a pack of wild dogs and left hurriedly. Today, we were almost home – down our street and down the hill – about 6 blocks away – this lady was walking her older dog and a pack began to harass this lady and her dog.  We had actually passed her and decided to back up to distract the dogs.  They were somewhat distracted, but as we began to pull away, the wild dogs began to attack again, so we just drove slowly along with the lady and her dog until they were out of danger.  A bit scary!

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