Sunday, 24 February 2013

Thurs. Feb. 21st 2013

We went to Plaisio and picked up cartridges for the printer etc. and went out to Ikea.  We needed sheets to replace those that are on our bed as they are beginning to fray!  Took us ages to figure out what ere top sheets and fitted sheets and then the sizes were not clear.  On the way home it was raining and we noticed that on the part of the windshield where the wiper don’t touch, the rain drops were muddy (red)!!  Brent figures there may have been sand/dust in the atmosphere from a dust storm in the Sahara!   Spent the rest of the day answering emails and updating the Address Binder -  it was so old,  had to check most of the listings to see if they were still current and that really took time!

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