Sunday, 10 February 2013

Thurs. Feb. 7th 2013

President came over and got Brent about 8:30 to take him to a doctor appointment that he had arranged for him.  It was clear over the other side of Athens close to the Mediterranean – a suburb called Glyfada.  The doctors wanted to do a bunch of tests to make sure there was no major problem.  He got home at around 3:00 pm from that – he will get the results tomorrow – but it doesn’t seem that there is much wrong on the surface thankfully, so that’s great.  Meanwhile, I went down to Kifissia center to keep my appointment at the hairdresser’s  - I got a perm.  It’s been blowing like crazy all day and about 5:00 pm, all heck broke lose with a major thunder & lightning and rainstorm.  It was good to be indoors!

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