Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tues. Feb. 19th 2013

Brent went for mail and on his way back, he came with salad makings, bread and cake for lunch.  Elder and Sis. Elks came to help us in the office.  President had Presidency meeting this morning and had me book a quick flight to Thessaloniki.  While Elder Elks was in Presidency meeting, Sis. Elks and I went over the Office Manual and she learned how the office operated..  We had lunch.  We prepared penne and tossed salad.  That went over OK.  After lunch President confirmed with us that Elks will take over our spot in the office, if by that time no one has been called to serve here -maybe a miracle will happen - but it's getting to the point that even if someone was assigned here now, they likely wouldn't be arriving before we left.  So, we continued with the orienting and Elder Elks helped Brent.  Rainy, cold day again.

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