Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tues. Feb. 5th 2013

Brent went for the mail and picked up squash and bread to make soup for lunch.  Pres. had Presidency meeting this morning and then left around 11:30 with Kelley Tedd to go and look at a property.  For nearly a year now, they have been trying to find a suitable property to move to from the Acropoli building.  There is no parking down at Acropoli and demonstrations often go by there, making it unsafe for the African members to come to Church – plus the building is old and cramped and things keep breaking down all the time.  They came back to the office later with photos etc. showing a building that they think will work well, so now all the contracts and dealing begins.  If they do get it, it will likely be 2 to 3 years before it can be used.  Then it was our turn to show Kelley all the things we felt we were in need of!  He wasn’t much help with our computer networking problems – he will order us a new UPS back-up thing, but the big thing was the large copier – it broke in the fall and we’ve been trying to get it fixed or replaced.  Back then we were told that it was old and you can’t get replacement parts for it any more.   He tried a bunch of things with it to see if he could nail down what exactly is wrong with it, but came up with the plan that he ask will some tec. guy about what he thinks wrong and if he says it can’t be fixed then, they’ll try and replace it!!!  We had a couples meeting over at the Mission Home tonight and we took veges.  It’s always fun to get together and tonight was no exception.  It was a kind of a send-off for the Maxwells as they return home on 1t March.


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