Sunday, 3 February 2013

Tues. Jan. 29th 2013

New Missionaries arriving and Transfer Day!!  Brent went for mail and was able to give the Cyprus mail to the missionaries going there this morning.  They left here just after 8:00am to catch the 10:05 flight.  The traffic at that time of day is insane.  Brent got a call from the tec. guy regarding his computer being locked up and they spent ages trying to work out that problem.  They finally did, thank goodness.  We received what we thought was our Book of Mormon order of 12 boxes of Greek BofM, but no – they brought 12 boxes of FRENCH.   We had a bit of a quiet period for a while, but then the fun really began – elders that were trying to get up here to the Mission Office were stuck because they got so far on the Metro, but couldn’t get the bus the rest of the way because of a strike!! The next things was, the van and another car went to the airport to pick up the new missionaries and their luggage.  They all finally arrived back here and it was super seeing the new ones in person – whose pictures we have been looking at for months now.  They are really nice young people.  President whisked us all away to the “Three Pigs” restaurant for a late lunch.  When we got back from that, it was Brent and my turn to orient the new ones.  It was then that they began to show just how tired they were. Having been on the go for about 20 hours they had every right to be tired, but there was still one more thing for them to do and that was to take the traditional trip up Mars Hill (by the Acropolis).  poor kids, they were REALLY ready for the sack after that.

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