Sunday, 10 February 2013

Wed. Feb 6th 2013

Brent woke up feeling weird - kind of dizzy and very anxious  As we began our day in the office, we got a call from President that he has flooding in the basement, so Brent went over.  It was likely them that President figured that Brent was not himself When Brent got  to the MH, he found that the landlady had her man come and deal with it.   Brent no sooner got back and one of the apartment owners called saying we weren’t paying him his full rent.  So Brent had to check that all out.  Before he got very far on that, President came unannounced, and took Brent to have his blood pressure checked.  It was around 140, but President is worried about the headaches and his loss of vision from time to time.  We have been thinking that it is because of tress – however, today’s episode seemed different, so President got a doctor’s appointment for him for tomorrow.  Brent had asked Sis. F. if the roast (that she fixed for the couples'  meeting last night) had any MSG on it or in the gravy and she said that didn’t in the roast, but thought there could have been a little bit in the gravy, but nothing major.  Later she called back to tell us that one Sister had poured three packets of Knoors Salad Maker (lots of MSG) into the salad, which Brent ate.  So we started backtracking on what he had eaten over the last day or two and we found that he has had quite a bit of MSG!!  Then, Sis. F. told us what she found on the net about MSG and reactions to it.  It would seem that Brent’s actions today was a classic MSG reaction.  Knowing that has eased his mind a lot and has quit worrying mostly about what he might have wrong with him.


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