Sunday, 3 February 2013

Wed. Jan. 30th 2012

Had an early phone call from President – one of the new sisters (who was staying at the Mission Home) left her bag with all her toiletries in it over here last night – so he dashed over here to get it!!  The new missionaries had personal interviews with President during the morning and after   had lunch there, followed by a four hour training meeting.  Therefore, it was reasonably quiet over here and we took full advantage of that.  The Assts. were here for a little while and, again, could not access their “Common Files” – so we called that tec. guy back and they worked on it for a bit – they didn’t get it fixed though as the Assts. had to go to that meeting, but they now think it is the Assts’ computer that’s got the problem.   I got all the pictures of the new missionaries made for the board – they took ages to do – so much adjusting of the photos etc.  Late today we learned that another 24 hour strike of transportation will be in effect which includes the train to Thessaloniki – which four missionaries were to travel on.  We had to do a quick switch and get them onto a plane – but it worked out OK.  The meetings at the Mission Home finished about 5:00 pm and we were expecting the elders who are staying downstairs to be coming back with leftovers from the dinner today, but learned a bit later that they were all watching a video “Seventeen Miracles.”  I don’t blame them, it’s such a nice feeling there in the Mission Home.

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