Friday, 15 March 2013

Fri. Mar. 15th 2013

The day we have been waiting for ages!   As soon as we got up, Brent went on to Flight View on the computer and watched the progress of the kid’s flight from Calgary to Frankfurt – when we checked in about 8:30 our time they were alreadyover Greenland.  We had a busy day again doing the last minute things and our office jobs.  Sis. F. called to tell us she had made a cake for our family, so went over to the mission home and got it -  she is sooo thoughtful and we had a nice little visit with her as well.  It still looks like we could get rain any time – overcast most of the time but with sunny patches now and then with the temperature around 16C.  Hopefully it will get a bit warmer.  We went to the airport about 10:15 pm and their plane was 5 mins late.  Seems like we had to wait forever for the kids to come through the gate – but – oh! how wonderful to see them and to actually be able to hug them!!!   They looked sooo good, but tired.  However none of us seemed to feel it much and we just kept on talking and talking and didn’t get to bed until 1:00am.  The children had a peek in the “yard” and saw one of those palms that look like a giant pineapple and they were freaking out about that.  It’s so fun to see things through the eyes of little guys!

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