Thursday, 28 March 2013

Fri. Mar. 22nd 2013

Brent got the mail, but when we were sorting it we found a pick-up slip for a registered letter that he had missed, so he had to go back to the post office for that. Received wonderful “posts” from Davey and Brenda about their day yesterday. They seem to be doing OK and really enjoying everything there.  We had a big pile of mail sitting around here for days that was supposed to go to the Acropoli building for the missionaries down there.  Because the Assts. have been away so long it has built up - so we decided to take a cab down, deliver their mail and then went to the Plaka and got all the the prezzies that I wanted to take home.   Brent dashed to the bank when we got back to get a form in before they closed at 2:00 pm.  Between office jobs and tidying up the place so our cleaning lady doesn’t freak when she comes tomorrow I had a busy afternoon.  We learned that there was a horrendous 100-car/truck pile up near Leduc, Canada, in a snow storm – they took at least 100 people to hospital!!

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