Monday, 11 March 2013

Fri. Mar 8th 2013

Brent got the mail – there was a lot and he hid a parcel from me!!  It was the FiberSmart  -  now I don’t have to order any more as I will have enough to last me until well after I get home!  It’s a big day for all the missionaries going home on Monday -  today they all have their final interviews With Pres. F. and a special luncheon at the Mission Home and do the traditional trip up Mars Hill for their final testimony bearing.  The Assts. have been on the go since Wednesday evening picking up missionaries and taking them to apartments or planes and it looks like they will have a bit of a break now from all that now.  The Elks brought the sister who is going home to the Mission Home at 9am and then stayed with us until lunch time at which time they had to head out to complete a Humanitarian project at Damaris orphanage.  So while they were here went did some more training with them – they are so good and are “getting it” really well.  Brent and the Assts. went to a print shop to pick up the bookmarks that the Assts.  ordered weeks ago.  We took the Cyprus mail over to the Mission Home for President to take tomorrow and Sis. F. gave us each a plate of food for our supper.  She is so sweet.  Brent got some pictures of the plum tree which is now blossoming outside of the kitchen.

IMG 1414


IMG 1417

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