Friday, 15 March 2013

Mon. Mar. 11th 2013

Our returning missionaries made it into the car by 6:30 am OK!!  It is so hard saying goodbye to them – they are all such good young people and you get very close to them, especially those who have worked in the office with us.   The Assts. looked very tired today – I think they are basically worn out with all the chasing around they had to do – making sure the returning missionaries were where they were supposed to be and with whom they were supposed to be – pretty much at their beck and call.  This morning, after the flights left, the Assts. went to get their license plates back.  They went to the place that they were at on Saturday where they were told to come back today and were met with – Oh! you are in the wrong place – you have to go ?? to pick them up!!!  They went there and finally got the plates, but what a lot of messing them around.  VERY frustrating!

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